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“..we don’t measure our life impact by the titles that we hold, or the stuff that we  own. Impact is in the lives that we touch.”

  • International Keynote  (audiences from New York to Australia)

  • NY Times Bestselling Author 

  • Fortune 500 Executive Consultant

  • Humanitarian (The UNRacialize Project, Shriners Hospital for Children, NAACP, Congressional Black Caucus)



Leslie has many great memories from a motivational speaking career that has spanned almost two decades. From these speaking engagements, conferences and seminars across the country, she has built relationships that occupy a special place in her heart. She says, I don't believe that God is impressed with our stuff. He doesn't measure the impact of our lives by our titles or by our stuff. I think he is moved by the lives that we touch."

What others are saying

"I met Leslie Haskin after she delivered one of the most spellbinding keynote speeches I’ve heard in my life. I organize a lot of conferences and work with a lot of speakers and I don’t give that compliment lightly. There’s no denying Leslie has an emotionally charged story to share but she doesn’t preach it from a podium – she gets down into the audience and into their hearts. She connects in a way that makes you feel like you’re sharing a cup of coffee with her instead of listening to her address hundreds. I would put my name to ANY document that testifies to the power Leslie has to transform a gathering..”

Julia Rosien , Vice President Brand & Digital Marketing, Restonic

In Bookstores and Online

NY Times Bestseller
Bethany House Best Seller
Amazon Top Seller



…tired of living in mediocrity ? … looking for ways to add a little more "umph" in your life? Join New York Times bestselling author, Leslie Haskin for insights on how to live your unique self.  Conversations and dialogue will help you to cultivate the skills to overcome adversity, become a more vibrant version of yourself and positively impact the world around you. It's all about Living your Best Life. "Insightful Living, " is a "that's Just Leslie Production and is part of the Buzzsprout Network.

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