New York Times  Best-Selling Author
Forward Magazine Finalist
Internationally known Speaker

Leslie Haskin is a New York Times Best-Selling author, speaker and philanthropist.

Best known for her miraculous escape from the World Trade Center, Leslie's incredible story of survival is the subject of a documentary. Through television, radio and live appearances, her message of hope has reached millions of people throughout the United States and Europe.

Her philanthropic efforts focus on improving the the quality of life for black men and their families. She regularly takes part in discussions at the Congressional Black Caucus, and says that her goal is to facilitate healthy communities of strong productive families of all races.
Leslie's new book, RADICAL UNRACISM is available for pre-order in September!
Leslie's new book, RADICAL UNRACISM is available for pre-order in September!
Do you have a handful of blogs that you follow just because you enjoy them?

That’s right, I’m not talking about the blogs that you follow because you feel like you “should”, or because they relate to your career or because you know the blogger, or because omg-like-everyone-else-you-know is following them.  Nope, I’m talking about the blogs that you just enjoy.

My blog fills you up. Some are light and fluffy while others go deep into life matters. Some talk about hot topics, some are random, chatty streams of consciousness, but all of them will fill you up. I love ’em all, because no matter what comes your way in life, its always about ... "Perspective.


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