Kyle Duncan
President, Scriptorium International

Leslie has an uncanny--and rare--ability to capture the essence of a problem or dilemma, and break it down to a manageable solution. In her book Between Heaven and Ground Zero, she tells the incredibly traumatic story of surviving the Twin Towers disaster. But in telling her story, she does more than relate--she translates her trauma and turns it into a message that brings hope and healing to all who read it. I highly recommend Leslie--as a communicator, writer, and leader.
Greg Johnson
President at Wordserve Literary Group & Faith Happenings

Leslie Haskin has faced the worst life could throw at her--spiritually, emotionally, physically--and has come out on the other side with integrity, joy, and a great love for all God's children. A fantastic writer, above average speaker, and a heart of gold, Leslie will benefit any audience by her presence and message.
Andre van Heerden
Director of Communications at CLAC

Leslie is a wonder at conveying emotional and motivational thoughts and ideas. Her humanity, vulnerability and faith shine forth as a tangible inspiration for others. Her big heart is only matched by her infectious passion to help and reach others and her incredible organization skills.
Julia Rosien
Brand Engineer for Restonic

I met Leslie Haskin after she delivered one of the most spell binding keynote speeches I’ve heard in my life. I organize a lot of conferences and work with a lot of speakers and I don’t give that compliment lightly. There’s no denying Leslie has an emotionally charged story to share but she doesn’t preach it from a podium - she gets down into the audience and into their hearts. She connects in a way that makes you feel like you’re sharing a cup of coffee with her instead of listening to her address hundreds. I would put my name to ANY document that testifies to the power Leslie has to transform a gathering.
Delores Francis-Milligen
Chairman, Levels of Hope Ministries

I don't think I've ever laughed and cried so much in the same hour. I loved Ms Haskin.
In addition to speaking about the horrific events of September 11, 2001 and her escape from Tower One, Leslie also speaks about about overcoming adversity, living triumphantly race relationships in America

- The Happiness Advantage (joy Unspeakable)
- Overcoming Adversity
- Restoring a Culture of Confidence The Ripple Effect
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An Unforgettable Keynote
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"There is a lot of pain out there. People are looking for something more than what they've been hearing. My desire is to offer that to them. You see I believe that life is either this wonderfully daring adventure, or its nothing."
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