Leslie Haskin
author. survivor. friend
Leslie Haskin story begins on the south side of Chicago. The youngest daughter in a family of fifteen, she was naturally motivated and driven to succeed. By the year 2000, she was one of only two Black executives for one of the largest insurance companies in the country.  Leslie was on the corporate fast track. Then at 8:43 am on September 11, 2001, life suddenly changed direction when a Boeing 747 airplane slammed into Tower One of the World Trade Center. Leslie was in her office on the 36th floor when things literally began to crumble.

In the years after 9/11, Leslie faced homelessness, a cancer scare and the loss of 6 siblings. But being the ultimate survivor, today Leslie is a best-selling author whose teachings on life after trauma and loss have been used in ALL YOU Magazine, Marie Claire and CBN online. Her recovery journey is the subject of a nationally distributed documentary.

She is founder of The UNRacialize Project and has appeared on nationally syndicated radio and television programs, including CNN, Fox News, ABC and The Early Show. 

Leslie’s faith, courage and strength to overcome are the driving forces behind her bold mission to inspire others to do the same. Her message is a simple one, "God is bigger than your towers…whatever they are." She lives, works and plays in upstate New York and on stages around the world, inspiring thousands to overcome.

Leslie lives, works and plays in upstate New York and on stages around the world. 


Conversation is not just words passing between mouths and ears. It’s about shared life.

Join New York Times Best-Selling Author Leslie Haskin at the corner of faith and culture for twice monthly conversations that ask better questions; insisting that the ruptures above the radar do not tell the whole story.

Leslie Haskin has been featured on several talk shows and radio programs in the United States and in Europe. Her message of hope beyond suffering proves to be transcendent. To request an interview contact Diane Morrow at The Barnabas Agency. ( diane.clearfocus@gmail.com or call 817-319-9805 )

Leslie is a celebrated motivational speaker who has inspired worldwide audiences through her keynotes, conferences and seminars with her teachings on life after loss. She powerful, profound and Leslie’s own recovery journey has given her crucial insight into the obstacles that many people face.