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Hey Gurl, Hey!

Leslie's latest book, Hey Gurl, Hey is a lot more than just a good book, it's a woman's empowerment. 


Enduring Hope

More than just a book ...

STOP Shrinking to Fit !
Hey Gurl, Hey  takes the conversation live and up close. The energy, enthusiasm and UNBREAKABLE Spirit leaps from the pages of the book and onto the stage as women from everywhere experience life changing stories, activities and songs that lift the spirit. World class speakers, award winning entertainment, and spiritual refreshment is at the heart of it all.
This inaugural event is limited to 300 participants, making this conference a highly-immersive experience where participants engage, evolve, and reflect!
Registration begins May 20, 2023
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Unbreakable Spirit

Leslie Haskin will never be known as the kind of woman who kept her head down or shuffled her feet. Growing up on Chicago’s south side, the youngest girl of fifteen children, she learned the value of her voice very early in life. 

She admits that her life so far has been somewhat of a surprise. Having survived the September 11th (World Trade Center) terrorist attacks, a brutal sexual assault, a cancer scare and even homelessness, she never imagined how God would use her as an example of overcoming.  Leslie says, “I just wanted to grow up, get married and have a “Brady bunch” of children in a traditional home. 

But God had a different plan for Leslie.
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