Leslie Haskin
author. survivor. friend

These days we’re dealing with traumatic events almost on a daily basis. Whether it’s the recent COVID-19 pandemic, a school shooting or brutal attack, depression and anxiety or the sudden death of a loved one, so many people are feeling overwhelmed.

9/11 survivor and recovery leader, Leslie Haskin returns after a five year hiatus with her most transformational book, When YOUR Towers Fall.

In When YOUR Towers Fall, Haskin gets right to the heart of suffering, helping you rebuild your life after tragedy has torn it down. Ignoring trends and pop psychology, she draws from her experiences to deliver a practical, step by step pathway forward.

This book is a exactly what we need.
Proceeds from the book, When YOUR Towers Fall will fund The Network of Friends

The Network of Friends
Our world continues to change in ways that can cause stress and anxiety for many.

The Network has an admirable primary goal to help people deal with the inequity of sudden change and find a new normal after traumatic events, sudden death and extreme loss. Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic, members are actively engaging people and communities nationwide, bringing them together and helping to relieve the anxiety that many are experiencing.

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is easily one of America's favorite survivors and most respected leaders in recovery. Best known for her miraculous escape from The World Trade Center on September 11th, then becoming homeless and rebuilding her life has inspired countless people worldwide.

She is a best-selling author of five books, including the New York Times Bestseller, Between Heaven & Ground Zero. Her teachings on life after trauma and loss have been used by ALL YOU Magazine, Marie Claire and CBN online.

Leslie's relatable yet powerful presence has made her a favorite guest on CNN, Fox News, ABC and The Early Show.
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